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From: Damon Ellison Ellison
Subject: Exploring Adam 6Against the odds, we actually made it out of the apartment that morning, to
go and have brunch. It felt odd to be out with Adam in public ... it felt
almost as if I was hanging out with a different person. So much of my time
with him had been spent naked and in the throes of passion. Actually
sitting across a diner table from him as we ate our bacon and eggs was
almost an alien experience. But every so often I would get a flash in my
mind of how his hard cock felt in my hand or mouth, or remember the timbre
of his voice as he whispered "fuck me," or the musky scent that rose to my
nostrils when I ran my tongue over his balls.We went for a walk after brunch through one of the parks in the town, and
he mentioned admiringly that it must be a lovely place to jog in nice
weather. I agreed. "Do you run?" he asked."Yes," I replied. "Most days, once it gets warm. In the winter I work out
in the university gym.""Yes, I figured you must," he said slyly, not looking at me, but the tone
of his voice made my stomach flutter."Did you want to go for a run?" I asked, trying to take my mind away from
the thought of his body.He hesitated. "Well, I did bring my shoes and shorts. Just in case." He
looked at me. "Would you want to go?""I haven't run outside since the weather got warm," I admitted. "I've been
lazy."Surreptitiously, he poked me in the gut. "It doesn't show.""Not yet," I grinned. "But it will soon if I don't get out there again. Not
all of us have the seventeen-year-old's constitution."He looked at me challengingly. "Oh, I don't know. You seem to be able to
keep up OK."Our double entendres weren't even all that lewd, and yet even the barest
suggestion of sex with Adam made me slightly light-headed. "So ... back to
the apartment, and then a run?"I wondered if it would be possible for us to change into our running gear
without it turning into a sex session ... lord knows, it took all of my
willpower to keep my mind from thoughts that would give me a raging hardon.
But somehow we managed it ... I think because, even though neither of us
said anything, we were both thinking about it, and we kept carefully apart
as we stripped down and dressed in shorts and running shoes. "Let's stretch
at the park," I suggested, thinking that if I were to watch him bending
over in my living room, there would be nothing else for it but to take him
right there. His offhand comment that morning free russian lolita model "You HAVE to fuck me again
later" was rattling around in my mind, distracting me at the most
inopportune times. What was free young asian lolitas worse, lolita boys art portal I could tell that Adam knew exactly what
was on my mind. But that was fair enough, as I had caught him a few times
staring at me with distant eyes, his delicious mouth slightly open.We walked from my place down to the river and did our stretching beside the
jogging path. My god, he was divine as he did lunges to stretch out his
hamstrings, his ass strained against the thin material of his jogging
shorts. His legs were long and well-muscled, nicely tanned already, and his
tank top clung appealingly to his slim torso.It was obvious he was in much better shape than I was at that point, which
was hardly surprising. He had been, after all, on both the track and swim
teams at his high school, whereas I just ran for the sake of maintaining a
decent level of fitness. A few times he raced me when we hit a long flat
section of trail; each time, he demolished me, and I made a mental note to
make him suffer for it later. Finally, after we had run for nearly half an
hour, we turned around and came back. It gymnastics women gallery lolita
was something of a long run for
me I tended to max out at forty-five minutes but somehow having Adam
there gave me extra energy. When we got back to my apartment, we were both
sweaty and tired. But not so tired that I didn't grab him as soon as the
door was closed behind us.I pulled him too me and kissed him, and ran my tongue down his
neck. Giggling in embarrassment, he pulled away saying, "Don't. I'm all
gross.""Sweaty and gross are not the same thing," I growled, running my hand up
over his crotch and finding that he was already hard and straining at the
material there. He moaned, his protests dissolving. I returned my tongue to
his neck, savoring the saltiness of his sweat, pulling his damp shirt up
over his head. His torso glistened, and I ducked my head to swirl my tongue
around his nipple. I reached up and teased the other one with my
fingertips. He moaned again, and pressed his hips against mine. The
material of our shorts provided a silky barrier than only enhanced the
sensation of rubbing our hard cocks against each other. As I licked and
sucked his nipples, I swung my hips back and forth, grinding against him.Finally I fell to my knees and yanked his shorts and underwear down. His
cock swayed enticingly in front of my face. The smell of his young, clean
sweat was intoxicating, and I slowly licked up the underside of his
shaft. He moaned. "Suck me," he begged, but I wasn't done yet. I wanted to
taste his cock sweat, to drink it all, and I licked him with increasing
urgency, lapping up the delicious salty sweat that coated his shaft,
pausing in that for a few minutes to suck and lick his balls. All the while
he rested his hands on free young asian lolitas my head, moaning and muttering incoherently. I
returned to his cock, running the full surface of my tongue up one side
while I held it steady and suddenly it JUMPED out of my hand and with a
strangled yelp Adam came in three explosive bursts on my hand, my face, and
in my hair."Sorry," he gasped. "That one caught me by surprise."I laughed. "Don't apologize. I love how suddenly you sometimes cum. I love
it when you lose control like that."He pulled me to my feet and very carefully and deliberately lapped his cum
from my face. He ran a hand through my hair, smearing the semen there, and
dropped his other hand to where my cock strained against my shorts. He
squeezed it, and I groaned, my eyes closing involuntarily."How do you feel after our run?" he asked unexpectedly."OK, I guess," I said. "A little sore. That was farther than I normally
go."He kissed me. "Tell you what," he said, "why don't you have a shower, and
then I will give you a massage ... to ease whatever aches our loli hot girls 18 long run gave
you."In spite of the not-so-subtle suggestion that I was in worse shape than
him, that was not an offer I was about to turn down. I showered, carefully
avoiding touching my cock, which did not soften in the slightest. When I
emerged, Adam was waiting in the bedroom with a bottle of lotion he had
found in my medicine cabinet, and he instructed me to lie flat on my
stomach.I did, though it took me a moment to adjust myself so that my hard cock was
not uncomfortable between me and the bed. I let myself lie supine, my head
turned and my arms limp by my sides, and closed my eyes. I head Adam squirt
lotion on his hands and felt him kneel on the bed beside me. He straddled
my hips and suddenly his strong, sure hands ran from my lower back up my
spine in a single luxurious movement. I sighed, then groaned in pleasure as
he started to knead the muscles of my shoulders. I hadn't had a proper
massage in ages, and the feel of his hands was divine it felt as though
the tension in my shoulders was being siphoned right out by his touch. This
was, I realized through a haze of pleasure, the first time I had ever
received a massage from another man ... and like the feel of his secret usenet list loli hands on
my cock, it was a different world from receiving one from a woman. Not
least because when he leaned forward I could feel his cock press against my
lower back, and a thrill ran through me at the touch of his beautiful hard
organ.He worked slowly down my back, taking his time, deliberately skipping over
my ass to work on my thighs and calves. He dug his thumbs deeply into my
muscles, stopping just short of actually hurting me, instead inflicting a
bone-deep pleasure that had me at once aroused and utterly relaxed. When he
reached the terminus of my feet, I finally felt his hands squeeze and knead
my ass. As he slowly, slowly worked my buttocks, he slid a finger teasingly
up my crack, pausing to tweak my anus enough to elicit a gasp and moan from
me and make my cock, trapped between my body and the bed, twitch in want.Finally, he rolled me over. "Keep your eyes closed," he whispered as he
knelt by my head and worked on the muscles around my collarbone. Suddenly,
against my lips I felt the head of his lolita pree teen sex cock, and as he slid the shaft over
my lips I opened my mouth and let my tongue slide along the underside. For
a few moments he teased my mouth like that, slapping my hands away when I
moved them up. "No," he said chidingly. "Not yet."He took his cock away then, and I moaned sadly. He massaged my chest,
pinching and tweaking my nipples, then dropped again loli rape hentai free to my thighs. By now
my cock was impossibly hard, straining for his touch, leaking precum like a
faucet. I opened my eyelids a little, and saw that it was visibly throbbing
with my pulse.He touched me everywhere BUT my cock, to the point where it felt like I
might cum from sheer frustration. Finally, he leaned forward and kissed me
and whispered in my ear, "Do you want me to touch your cock?""Oh. Fuck. Yes.""Yes, what?""Yes, please.""You want me to make you cum?""Yes. Now. Please, I can't fucking stand it."He chuckled throatily. "Keep those eyes closed." I felt him moving on the
bed beside me, hearing the snap of the lube bottle lid, and I sighed in
anticipation of feeling his divine hands.But when he touched me, my eyes flew open in surprised ecstasy, to see him
crouching over my hips, slowly sliding my cock inside him. His eyes rolled
back into his head as he brought his ass down on my cock. "Oh, fuck," he
whimpered. "Fuck yes. You are so hard it's unbelievable."I couldn't even speak as he took me all the way inside him and then started
to ride me slowly, twisting his hips as he did. He leaned forward and
kissed me deeply, saying, "Fuck me.""Nnnnh," was all I managed, and he grinned wickedly. Leaning down to my
ear, he whispered, "Fuck me. Fuck me hard with your magnificent cock. I
want to feel you cum in me again. Ohhhh ... Fuck. Yes. Right there. Right
there ... right there ..."His eyes closed in ecstasy, and I reached out to grasp his hard cock,
bouncing up and down so appealingly as he impaled himself on mine. I did
not have to stroke him, but just held my hand steady top 100 lolita tgp as his increasingly
urgent movements fucked his cock in and out of my grasp.I was so close, right on the edge. Adam continued to murmur increasingly
incoherent phrases of pleasure and praise for how good my cock felt in his
ass. Soon it was more than I could take. I reached up for his head and
pulled his mouth to mine, kissing him deeply as I thrust as far inside him
as I could go. "Nnnnnnnngggggggg," was the only sound I could make as I
felt my cock swell and explode deep in his ass."Oh, fuck yes," he keened. "Cum in me, baby. Cum in me. Cum in me."I had not taken my hand from his cock, and as he ground himself against my
hips, squeezing every last drop from me, I started to jack him again,
hard. He cute pre teen lolas moaned. "Yes. Yes. Yes. Fuck yes."Lurching up suddenly, I pushed him back, and he gasped as my cock popped
from his ass. He was close too, and I wanted to finish what he'd started
during the massage when he ran his cock over my lips. Diving down between
his legs, I slid him into my mouth and started to suck him fast and
hard. "Oh. Oh. Yes. Oh, fuck, I love your mouth. Your hot mouth. Oh god
yes suck me suck me suck me oooooooooooooohhhh ..."His hand found the back of my head and he twined his fingers into my hair
as he came in my mouth, his hot seed jetting in two, three, four delicious
bursts."Holy. Shit." He lay back, panting, and I nuzzled his slick cock, making
inarticulate noises of hunger and satisfaction.He pulled me up into his arms, his eyes closed. "Good god," he
whimpered. "It just gets better and better.""Yes," I whispered back. "And we still have two more days."... TO BE CONTINUED*****Thanks for reading! If you enjoyed this, and want more, please let me know
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